Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results from Monday, November 2

Please note: we moved the games a little earlier to allow for close matches.

9:00: Team 19(W) vs. Team 15(L); Team 21(W) vs. Team 16(L)
9:30: Team 20(L) vs. Team 13(W); Team 1(W) vs. Team 9(L)
10:00: Team 17(W) vs. Team 14(L); Team 3(L) vs. Team 6(W)
10:30: Team 10(W) vs. Team 2(L); Team 5(L) vs. Team 12(W)
11:00: Team 8(L) vs. Team 11(W); Team 4(L) vs. Team 7(W)

Team 18 had off this Monday.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results from Thursday, October 29th

9:10: Team 8(W) vs. Team 17(L)
9:20: Team 1(L) vs. Team 21(W); Team 15(L) vs. Team 8(W)
9:55: Team 10(W) vs. Team 14(L); Team 11(L) vs. Team 18(W)
10:25: Team 19(W) vs. Team 4(L); Team 16(L) vs. Team 5(W)
11:00: Team 2(L) vs. Team 12(W); Team 20(L) vs. Team 3 (W)
11:30: Team 7 vs. Team 13(Tiebreaker); Team 9(L) vs. Team 17(W)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results from Monday, October 26

9:20: Team 1(W) vs. Team 15(L); Team 21(W) vs. Team 9 (L)
9:55: Team 20(W) vs. Team 7(L); Team 18(L) vs. Team 2 (W)
10:25: Team 19(L) vs. Team 16(W); Team 14(L) vs. Team 11(W)
11:00: Team 10(W) vs. Team 13(L); Team 8 vs. Team 17 (tied, need tie breaker)
11:30: Team 5(L) vs. Team 3(W); Team 12(W) vs. Team 6 (L)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Intramural Volley Results from Thursday, October 15th

9:20: Team 15 (W) vs. Team 18(L); Team 14(L) vs. Team 19(W)
9:55: Team 6(W) vs. Team 11(L); Team 2(W) vs. Team 20(L)
10:25: Team 9(W) vs. Team 16(L); Team 4(L) vs. Team 21(W)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results for Monday, October 12th

9:20: Team 17(L) vs. Team 18(W) ; Team 19 (L) vs. Team 21 (W)
9:55: Team 1 (W) vs. Team 4 (L) ; Team 2 (L) vs. Team 3 (W)
10:25: Team 5 (L) vs. Team 8 (W); Team 6 (W) vs. Team 7 (L)
11:00: Team 9 (L) vs. Team 10 (W); Team 11 (L) vs. Team 12 (W)
11:30: Team 13 (W) vs. Team 14 (L) ; Team 15 (W) vs. Team 16 (L)
[Team 20 had off this Monday]

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results for Thursday, October 8th

Note: Each match will be best of 3 games up to 21 points by rally scoring.

9:20: Team 17 (L) vs. Team 19 (W); Team 18 (L) vs. Team 20 (W)
9:55: Team 1 (W) vs. Team 3 (L); Team 2 (W) vs. Team 4 (L)
10:25: Team 5 (L) vs. Team 7 (W) ; Team 6 (W) vs. Team 8 (L)
11:00: Team 9 vs. Team 11; Team 10 (L) vs. Team 12 (W)
11:30: Team 13 (W) vs. Team 15 (L); Team 14 (W) vs. Team 16 (L)
[Team 21 had off this Thursday]

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results for Monday, October 5th

9:20: Team 20 (W)vs. Team 21(L); Team 3(W) vs. Team 4(L)
9:55: Team 5(L) vs. Team 6(W); Team 7(W) vs. Team 8(L)
10:25: Team 10(W) vs. Team 11(L); Team 12(W) vs. Team 13(L)
11:00: Team 14(L) vs. Team 15(W); Team 16(W) vs. Team 17(L)
11:30: Team 18(W) vs. Team 19(L); Team 1(W) vs. Team 2(L)

Intramural Volleyball Rosters and Standings

Team 1 (8-1)
Sam McMahon
Peter McNeely
Mary Kate VW
Mark Doran
Luke Zignego
Brad Thrasher

Team 6 (7-2)
Matt Rensch
Joseph Stephens
Amanda Dean
Dan Collins
Peter Spiering

Team 12 (6-3)
Anna Adams
Ryan Doughty
Tim Ginski
Hugh Bratt
Mary Bratt

Team 15 (6-4)
Dom Ginski
Tim McPhee
Tim Beer
Sarah Barren
Brendan Krebs

Team 20 (5-4)
Jeremy Veirling
Pat Stein
Meghan Kelly
Blaise Buckner
Charlie Rollino
Brianna Miller

Team 3 (5-4)
Mary Hill
Tommy Salmon
Scott Lozyniak
Rob Hambleton
Jenie (Idaho)
Sadie Bratt

Team 10 (6-3)
Bill Waller
TJ Nacey
Joe Rhul
Richard Allington
Theresa Nelson

Team 7 (4-4)
Dean Dewey
Pat Rose
Paul H
Matt Naham
Theresa Jalsevec

Team 13 (3-6)
Nate Collins
Dave Long
Mark Hepler
Nick Peterson
Matt Lancaster
Lisa Hudson
John McWhirter

Team 9 (3-5)
Ted Cantu
Daniel Beller
Emily Baldwin

Team 21 (8-1)
Matt Nelson
Jesse Dorman
Katy Vander Woude
Tambi Spitz
Marie Antunes
Coach Vander Woude

Team 18 (6-3)
Karl H.
Brian Kilacky
Andrew Ciskanik
Dominic O’Donnel
Trica Lademan

Team 2 (5-5)
Bernadette Horiuchi
Nick McMahon
Nick Blank
David Klosterman
Molly Morey

Team 19 (6-4)
Peter Hill
Lisa Hill
Eric Maschue
Colleen Harmon

Team 8 (3-6)
Karolyn Curran
Genie Knight
Maureen Dalley
Dorothy Merrill
Rachel Williams

Team 14 (1-8)
Kat Anderson
Emi Funai
Natalie Lucas
Anastocio H
Olivia Aveni
Jack Donohue
Lauren Oligny

Team 16 (4-6)
Nicole Koupman
Bridget Lademan
Johanna Trendle
Sarah Halbur
Martin Schmidt

Team 11 (4-5)
Francis Aul
James Redlinger
Mike Bugin
Margaret Antunes
Elise Anderson
Megan Speer

Team 17 (2-6)
Steven Ginski
Adam Gardner
Megan Walters
Megan Kavanaugh
Mike McGrath
Brian Gallagher

Team 4 (0-9)
Chris Roberts
Rachel Milani
Katie Wunderlich
Max Hess
Stephen Wood

Team 5 (2-7)
Pat Norton
John McGovern
Shelagh Bolger
Emily Jaroma
Joe Long
Anthony Readings
Lindsey Stuyt

Thursday, October 1, 2009

World Series

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's October. That can only mean one thing. After over a month of games and anticipation, the showcase of the year is here, the Christendom College Intramural Wiffleball World Series.
At 9:20, October 1, the semifinals will be played to determine who will represent the two teams in the showdown, which will take place at 10:20 complete with a 5th inning stretch show.
The four remaining teams are 7-0 Rays, the 4-1-1 Phillies, 6-1 Brewers, and the 5-2 Mets, but only one can emerge victorious.