Monday, November 30, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Tournament and Championship RESULTS 11/30


8:30pm - Team 1(W) vs Team 3(L); Team 2(W) vs Team 6(L)

9:05pm - Team 12(W) vs Team 10(L); Team 18(L) vs Team 21(W)

9:40pm - Team 1(W) vs Team 2(L); Team 12(W) vs Team 21(L)

10:20ish - CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Team 1 vs Team 12

Champions: Team 1!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results from Monday, November 16

Please note: the game schedules have been adapted a little bit for your optimal experience:

9:00: Team 2(W) vs. Team 10(L); Team 20(W) vs. Team 12(L)
9:35: Team 19(L) vs. Team 11(W); Team 6(W) vs. Team 13(L)
10:10 Team 18(W) vs. Team 14(L); Team 1(W) vs. Team 17(L)
10:40: Team 5(L) vs. Team 15(W); Team 16(W) vs. Team 4(L)
11:10: Team 8(L) vs. Team 2(W); Team 9(L) vs. Team 3(W)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Intramural Results of Thursday, November 12

9:00: Team 9 (L) vs. Team 20 (W); Team 2 (W) vs. Team 13 (L)

9:30: Team 1 (W) vs. Team 6 (L); Team 11 (W) vs. Team 16 (L)
10:00: Team 12 (W) vs. Team 15 (L); Team 8 (L) vs. Team 3 (W)
10:30: Team 10 (W) vs. Team 19 (L); Team 14 (L) vs. Team 5 (W)
11:00: Team 18 (W) vs. Team 7 (L); Team 17 (L) vs. Team 4 (W)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results from Monday, November 9

9:00: Team 21(W) vs. Team 2(L); Team 15(W) vs. Team 20(L)
9:30: Team 12(L) vs. Team 19(W); Team 16(L) vs. Team 18(W)
10:00: Team 8(L) vs. Team 9(W); Team 11(W) vs. Team 13(L)
10:30: Team 1(W) vs. Team 10(L); Team 17(L) vs. Team 5(W)
11:00: Team 3(W) vs. 7(L); Team 4(L) vs. Team 6(W)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Intramural Volleyball Results from Thursday, November 5th

9:00: Team 21(W) vs. Team 3(L); Team 6(L) vs. Team 2(W)
9:30: Team 1(W) vs. Team 12(L); Team 4(L) vs. Team 9(W)
10:00: Team 16(W) vs. Team 8(L); Team 11(L) vs. Team 20(W)
10:30: Team 18(W) vs. Team 5(L); Team 10(W) vs. Team 15(L)
11:00: Team 7(W) vs. Team 14(L); Team 13(L) vs. Team 19(W)
After 11:00 games: Team 7(L) vs. Team 13(W) make-up tie-breaker